Saturday, October 8, 2011


I'm sleeping on a very steep, rocky bank in a hammock on the south side of Route 50; 33.95 miles west Winchester, WV. (From the first Burger King as you hit Winchester from the North)

Into the mountains now, I rode 69 miles today.  These are 9% grade (whew!) up for 2 miles, down for 2 miles, etc.  Very dangerous traffic on Route 50.  Spending a lot of time on the grassy shoulders.

Good responses from law, police and fire departments. I'm meeting with 3 or 4 every day, so I have a consistant plan.

This makes 2 weeks on the road so far.  Keep watching for more updates.   posted by Kris for Steve

FYI to yardsale fans - route 11 south from Carlisle, PA  to Winchester,  VA  you will find yard sale alley on Fridays as well as Saturdays and Sundays!  Lots of churches too.  Preponderance of fresh cut hay gives a feeling summer rather than fall.  Sunny weather, high of 70 degrees, good  biking temperature.

posted by Linda for Steve

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