Sunday, October 23, 2011

October 21, 2011

   One flat, rode 67 miles, met with Lexington Fire Department.   Met Harvey in Winchester.  He flagged me down on the street.  He is 67 and has been biking for recreation for four years.  He biked ahead of me to show me a shortcut out of town that avoided the traffic. 
   In Kentucky they pronounce "air" as "are" or "car" without the "c".  Could not reach a motel so hung hammock under bridge near Laurenceburg.

October 22,  rode 47 miles.   Left rad monitors with Bardstown and Anderson County Fire.  No one to recieve them.  Good night under bridge.  Foggy in morning but clear up the hill.  Bridge at river bottom.  Second day with my new mirror.  It works well and cars seem to go around me at a greater distance.  The mirror stands out when approaching my bike from behind.  It's a truck  mirror and I mounted it forward so I can see what is coming from behind me at all times without moving my head.  Bicycle mirrors are too small and useless for safe long distance travel on bad roads.
   So many OMG moments riding.  I did not know that Kentucky was so beautiful.  Very distinct from other states.   While dogs try and chase me, cows are startled by me and run away if they are right near the road.
     Today a horse  called out to me (neighed) and galloped across a field to come over to me.  It had to have been an enchanted princes seeking her prince charming to end the enchantment.  I couldn't stay and I already have one at home anyway.  Stopped at Old Kentucky Motel in Bardstown and ate at the Stephen Foster restaurant (buffet) across the street.
  It was a very hilly, small hills, day and somewhat wearing.  I average 9.5 mph if there are not a lot of hills, 8.5 mph in hilly country and 6-7mph in mountains.

  October 23,  Rode 59 miles, staying at Litchefield motel.  Met with Elizabethtown police and two other fire departments.
   Cool and overcast but warmer than yesterday. 

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