Thursday, October 27, 2011


Oct 24, 2011-Arrived at Litchfield, KY which is the county seat after riding 50 miles.  Stayed at the Hatfield Inn (of McCoy fame)   Met with county Emergency Management Larry Holeman in the morning.  Interviewed at 2 newspapers.  Got a late start, hilly terrain and 20mph head winds.  Went to Embry's Bike store and got a new tire; threw away old one.  Dropped Safety Materials Kit to Cannyville Fire VFD and Rosine area Fire Dept.  Napped by side of road.  (No shoulder on road but scenic).  "Summer Day" warm.

TUES Oct 25 - Spent night in Beaver Dam, KY.  Rode 75 miles to Princeton, KY.  80 degrees, not too hilly or windy.  Met with 2 police chiefs and one fire chief.  Rockport Fire, Greenville Police and Fire, White Plains Fire and Dawson Springs Police.

WED Oct 26 - Paducah, KY.  Rode 53 miles from Princeton, KY.  Stopped at Possum Trot Fire Dept, Lyon County Fire Dept (talked to Chief Coleman), Eddyville Fire.  Excellent riding day except for downpour I got caught in about 4:30 pm.  Difficult shoulders part way, had to dodge 2 wide loads.  I checked into Motel 6, clerk said I should be in the news.  People are impressed with my ride...I am too!  Bought Glucosamine at Walgreens.  Right knee feels like it might get sore.  I use proper gear so I don't strain my knees by pushing too hard on the pedals.

THOUGHTS ON RIDING: A fantasy a couple of days ago as I passed a car lot, of buying a car and driving home.  This morning I felt like catching a bus home from Paducah.  Cross-country riding has occasional periods of discouragement.  I have to ask myself if I really want to go on.  I imagine ending the trip and see how that feels.  By mid afternoon I was feeling better about the ride and wanted it to continue.   Today was day 6 of riding and I was worn out.  Tomorrow is my day off. (Ride 6, off 1)

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