Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Coco update

Am happy to see so much in print and somewhat ashamed of myself for taking so long to sit and write anything myself. I have kept in touch with the dragon man who I left in Mystic CT (because my 17 year old is 17) and he has kept me abreast of his adventures, so I feel like I am still on the road with him at times. It helps me to think that at some point I may be able to join him again because the freedom of the road got to me. My Easy Rider bike was a joy to ride except on the really long hills which, according to Steve's accounts, paled in comparison to those of PA. Four days into the trip, I marveled at the muscles in my upper thigh which I didn't even know existed, from pulling up on the pedal to get extra torque as opposed to simply pushing down. Then again it could've been those gadgets and boxes of crackers from Ocean State Job Lot (thanks for that buddy). When I got back, I felt like a million bucks and was completely inspired, so I've continued to ride everywhere I go on Island because not only have I gained a new perspective on life itself, I think it helps me feel connected. I now have a renewed faith in myself as a 54 year old performance artist, capable of taking on new challenges which I had begun to talk myself out of. Namely putting together more physically demanding shows that speak to domestic violence, sexual abuse and the treatment of autism using Voice Movement Therapy (which is based in circular motion). Submitted as part of my Local Cultural Council grant application, a copy of the scrapbook I put together, complete with the photo recently submitted to the MV Times of the two of us on the front of the Narragansett Fire truck, holding up a copy of the Times which should be published in the paper soon (which I think brings Steve up to 6 current newspaper mentions, critical for attracting sponsorship). It got me thinking of how wonderful it was to be a part of it all. Though I wish I was still on the road with the Dragon man I certainly don't regret not sleeping under any bridges and for now have to be content with filling his requests over the phone (i.e. Janis Joplin's Bobby McGee) into the void of a message machine. May the wind be at your back!

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