Monday, November 28, 2011

Still catching up

November 17, Tatum New Mexico rt 380, rode 64 miles mostly flat terrain.
     The wind was gentle and not much of a help or hinderance.  I checked into the Sands Motel owned by Dan, a Vietnam vet and local cattle rancher and his wife.  It's a bright spot in what looks like a rural slum.  So much of America seems blighted and a lot of these tiny towns are really slums.  I don't mean the whole town is blighted  but it looks very third worldish in the sense there is wealth and poverty side by side.  The motel owner invited me to eat dinner at his place.  We ate a pig he had raised and it was very good.  I think rural folk are for the most part very resourceful and hard-working.

November 18,  took the day off as it was too windy to ride.

November 19,  I've mixed up the dates or forgot an entry.  I'm copying all this from notes I made on paper.

November 20,Hondo New Mexico, rode 124 miles, slept behinde roadside falling rock barrier.
     Met with Lea County Deputy and Roswell Police department.
I met Harry and Tom age 24 riding their bicycles around the world from England.  They were coming from SanFrancisco and had ridden 12,000 miles so far across China etc.  About fifty miles later I met another couple, Robbie and Monica who are riding their bicycles around the world and have a blog at:  You can also find them by  Googling "Robbie and Monica bicycling around the world."
  They were coming from Alaska heading for Guatamala and have been on the road since 2004 and ridden 43,000 miles (it might be kilometers)
     I rode late into the day because the wind was with me and tomorrow the forcast is for wind against me at 20-25 mph.  That is unrideable.

November 21, Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico, rode 26 miles.  Checked into motel at 9:30 am.  Beautiful calm morning but broke into big rain and windstorm shortly after I checked into the motel.  The ride today was all uphill but little wind.  I started about 5:30 am in order to beat the weather.

     . November 22, staying in a culvert near the White Sands Missle base entrance on route 70.  Rode 96 miles.
     Ice on the road at mountain pass about 7500 feet elevation.  Gave monitors to Ruidoso and Mescalero Apache fire, Tulerosa EMS,  Almagordo fire.  Long mountain climbs today.

November 23,  Deming New Mexico, rode 77 miles.  Left monitors for Las Cruces fire and police with the Chamber of Commerce. 
   I met Hector riding on Interstate Route 10 training for an 800 mile ride to Los Angeles.  He's a retired engineer.  While moste Interstate highways prohibit bicycles New Mexico does not and has signs at the on-ramps telling bicycles to "Use Shoulder Only."

November 24, Lordsburg New Mexico, Rode 65 miles, Left rad monitors at Deming State Police but no one to receive them.  Thanksgiving day.
    Wind at my back and road was fairly flat.  An elderly couple flagged me down on the freeway to change their flat (blowout) tire.  I had a bannanna split at the Dairy Queen for Thanksgiving dinner.
   Weather was beautiful all day til about 3:30 when a big storm blew in.  I got to a motel just as the rain started falling with air seeping out of my tires.

November 25,  Day off, weather storming with wind gusting out of the west at 40 mph.  No ride, no way!

November ????  I'm copying all this from scratch notes and have the days a little out of order but it's all pretty close.  Would not pass for an alabai.  My oldest daughter who is an audiologist says if I don't come home looking thin (vs. the fat I was before I left) they will know that I've been lying and just hanging out on a big vacation.

November 27,  Wilcox Arizona, rode 79 miles.  Met with Lordsburg police, met with Bowie AZ fire and left monitors at San Simon fire AZ nobody home.  I left monitors with Arizona Range News to pass on to police or fire, they said they'd like to do a story after Christmas.  The Range News is a weekly paper and did a story on our work three years ago.  I belive it is still on the Internet by searching "Nuclear Attack Kits Arizona Range News."  Wind at my back again today, very helpful..Police department, talked to dispatcher.
   A lot of long climbs but a very strong wind at my back got me to Tucson by about 3:30 pm.   Warm welcome by Dr. Orient and her mother Phyllis at the Physicians For Civil headquarters.  Big dinner.  Jeremy did some video taping.  This is the place  we worked out of three years ago handing out Nuclear Attack kits to nearly all of Arizona's towns and cities.  There are some videos of this at "roadman911" on YouTube.

November 27,

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