Monday, November 28, 2011

Catching up

November 11, Vernon Texas, Rode 28 miles
   Sick with stomach flu.

November 12, Still sick, laying out for the day (no riding).
November 13, Crowell Texas, rode 33 miles
  Met with Vernon Fire Department.  Fire captain drove me across town to meet with their HAZMAT.
Met with Crowell police & fire.
     Very hard day riding.  The terrain was flat but the wind was gusting to 35 mph.  I could only peddle about six mph against it.  I would even get off the bike and walk it just to rest.
    I sat down under a big old tree for lunch.  There was a huge bees nest in it so I had to move.  It was hot in the 80's so I ran out of water in spite of starting out with three quarts.
   It took as much time and effort to ride 33 miles into the wind as it did to ride 87 miles with the wind at my back.

November 14, Guthrie Texas, rode 64 miles
   Met with  Knox and King county judges in charge of emergency response,  King county has a population of only 350 people and is about 800 square miles in size. 
     Big scenery change from farm land to "Marlboro Country.

November 15, Dickens Texas, rode 34 miles
   Met with King County sheriff and Dickens County sheriff.  I too photos of Dickens county jail because it looks like it came right out of a Charles Dickens novel.  I thought it was a tourist museum at first.
     Big hills, it looks like the wild west out here.  For most of today's ride there was nobody in sight for as far as the eye could see.
     I slept under a bridge in Guthrie last night as there were no motels.  Today I was low on energy and feeling run down.  My appetite has not fully returned.  I ate a better lunch but have low energy because I have not been able to eat enough..    The town of Dickens has a population of about 300 people and Dickens county has about 2,400 people covering about 900 square miles.
   Summer weather today

  November 16,  Brownfield Texas, rode 105 miles
       Gave monitors to Texas Highway Patrol officer, to Crosbyton Sheriff and fire and Lorenzo police.  I almost quit the trip today but my energy came back and I'm finally over the flu bug and its effects.
     Sometimes the need to arrive at a motel before dark or dusk means I have to skip meeting with a police or fire department.

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