Friday, November 13, 2015

New First Responder Ride for 2016

Ride across America with Joni and Steve.

  San Diego to Boston, leaving April second.  Joni is 56 and Steve is 65, both experienced x-country riders.  We are looking for partners to share motel expense (4 to a room) though we plan to mostly camp.  This is not a race or a marathon just touring taking in the sights.
   The ride is unsupported though if someone would like to combine support it would be welcome.
Certainly the biggest challenge we face is psychological, keeping up the motivation to go.  Inertia comes with age.  It is increasingly  difficult to strike out on new adventures as we become addicted to our comfort zones.
   At sixty five I suppose I'm racing against the clock as well as breaking through the illusion of old age.  When I ride I feel like I'm 16 though I'm much more safety conscious and cautious.  The aches and pains along with depression all disappear when riding.  
   So Joni and I are getting ready for a 60 day trip which means saving ahead to pay bills while gone.  Tentatively we plan to continue the first responder cause.  On the last tide I gave out 160 rad monitors to 160 towns.  This trip we have 8,000 rad monitors to give out, possibly more.
  All is in the planning stage so we'll see.

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